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Android Summit 2016 is a two-day, multi-track event focused on designing, developing and testing for Android.

August 26 & 27, 20161680 Capital One DriveMcLean, VA 22102


Registration is now open! Conference space is limited to 250 seats and hackathon space is limited to 100 seats. Register now before they’re all gone!

What to expect

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Thanks to everyone who submitted a talk to our call for speakers! We’re still sifting through submissions and will add more speakers soon.

Development Track
  • Mark Murphy
    Mark Murphy
    CommonsWare Founder / Author

    Mark is the founder of CommonsWare and the author of The Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development. He is active in supporting the Android developer community, from answering questions on Stack Overflow to publishing sample code and reusable components as open source.

    A three-time entrepreneur, his experience ranges from consulting on open source and collaborative development for the Fortune 500 to application development on a myriad of platforms. A polished speaker, Mr. Murphy has delivered conference presentations and training sessions on a wide array of topics internationally.

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  • Huyen Tue Dao
    Huyen Tue Dao
    Android Engineer at Trello, GDE

    Huyen is an Android developer and Google Developer Expert, a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Maryland, a member of the Android team at Trello, and co-producer of the “Android Dialogs” YouTube channel.

    The only other thing that keeps her up as late as development (and often longer) is gaming: PC, console, board, card, anything.

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  • Antonio Zugaldia
    Antonio Zugaldia
    Android Engineer at Mapbox

    Antonio is very passionate about the future of the Android platform, from phones to smartwatches to TVs. Prior to joining Mapbox, Antonio co-founded Silica Labs, a startup focused on wearable software development and worked for the World Health Organization supporting disaster response and preparedness as part of its Emergency Operations Center. Antonio has a degree in Theoretical Physics from the University of Granada in Spain, and he is an active member of the DC developer community. He co-organizes the local Google Developer Group (GDG DC) and co-founded DC Android (DCA).

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  • Dario Incalza
    Dario Incalza
    Security Engineer at GuardSquare

    Dario is a security engineer at GuardSquare, which you may know as the company behind ProGuard and DexGuard. He is passionate about Android and security, and is combining them for the last five years. He has gathered a lot of experience by securing and testing Android applications.

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  • Jared Sheehan
    Jared Sheehan
    Engineer Lead at Capital One

    Jared has been playing with technology all of his life and building mobile applications since Google was making tasty treats like Donut, Eclair and Gingerbread. He enjoys bridging the gap between technology, product and business development teams and bringing them together to ship epic software.

    Jared is an Android Ninja who has shipped over ten android applications and is a co-founder of the DCAndroid Meetup group in Washington, DC.

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  • Mike Evans
    Mike Evans
    Android Lead at LivingSocial

    Prior to LivingSocial, Mike worked at The Washington Post, and FINRA. He’s been writing apps since Cupcake, co-organizer of DC Droids (the DC Android Meetup), and embarrassingly was one of those people walking around with Google Glass at one point.

    His mom also says he’s very smart.

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  • Sam Edwards
    Sam Edwards
    Lead Android Engineer at Capital One

    Sam’s a Lead Android Engineer for mobile payments at Capital One. He has been working with Android since 2011 and has over 12 years of professional software development experience with Java. When he’s not coding, he loves traveling and getting photos of himself doing a handstand there. 46 states and 9 countries so far.

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  • Seth Cottle
    Seth Cottle
    UI Designer at Capital One

    Seth is a UI Designer at Capital One working on Wallet for Android and iOS. Formerly, Seth has lead the UI Design efforts at a handful of startups, but he also has a strong development background. He was a contracted front-end developer at Google and he has worked on a plethera of Android projects.

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  • Dan Jarvis
    Dan Jarvis
    Tech Lead at Capital One

    Dan is Tech Lead for Capital One Wallet on Android. He’s a long time Stack Overflow user who is passionate about automated testing, continuous integration and agile development. He likes clean, maintainable code and lots of logging and monitoring to make sure everything works as it should.

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Design Track
  • Mike Evans
    Liam Spradlin
    Design Lead at touchlab

    Liam is a UI/UX and visual designer working on Android, the web, and occasionally iOS. He’s the Design Lead at touchlab, America’s top Android development and design shop, and a Google Developer Expert in UI/UX. He’s worked in agency and freelance contexts with clients including GE Appliance, the National MS Society, and the independent developers of apps like Nova Launcher, AllCast, Today Calendar, and Focus creating compelling interfaces, experiences, print layouts, and visual assets.

    Whether it’s type design, interface, or illustration, he spends a lot of his free time continuing to explore design. Outside of that, you can find him behind a camera or writing blog posts.

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  • Max Ignatyev
    Max Ignatyev
    Founder at Sympli

    Max is an iOS/Android developer, former lead developer at the Washington Post, and founder at

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  • Amanda Legge
    Amanda Legge
    UI/UX Designer at Capital One

    A Silicon Valley native, Amanda began her design career in San Diego, before living and working abroad in both Spain and Switzerland. Now working in Capital One’s San Francisco office, Amanda specializes in mobile design. She’s obsessed with micro-interactions and animations that are both delightful and have a purpose. Amanda enjoys cooking, working out, and reading entire books in one sitting to prepare for Book Club.

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  • Sara Beaver
    Sara Beaver
    UI/UX Designer at Capital One

    Sara earned her degree from Millersville University in 2011, directly outside of Lancaster Pennsylvania. After college she moved to Philadelphia to pursue her career in design. She dabbled in both print and web design before she eventually found a love for UX/UI design which led her to her current role at Capital One. Sara has a love for branding as well as simple, clean design. She enjoys working with people and applying empathy research to make the best user experience possible.

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  • Margaret Haag
    Margaret Haag
    Product Designer at Capital One

    Margaret is a product designer by day, secret member of the Suicide Squad by night. Previously she was a writer, but for the past eight years she’s been a designer (hell yeah!). Her first five years were focused in print, branding and web. For the last three years she’s focused on native experiences. Other things she’s been: lead designer for the nation’s first college news app at USA Today, second-in-command for Capital One’s CreditWise iOS app, lead designer for Capital One’s CreditWise Android app, and maker of amazing cupcakes.

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  • Vineeth Chohan
    Vineeth Chohan
    Software Engineer at Capital One

    Vineeth is a Software Engineer at Capital One working on Capital One Mobile for Android. He enjoys developing applications, working with user interfaces and design. Previously, Vineeth worked at Starwood, Inc. Hotels and Resorts as a content manager and front-end developer. He is very passionate about new technologies, gadgets and understanding how things work. When he’s not coding he loves cooking and playing guitar.

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  • Ed Murphy
    Ed Murphy
    Master Engineer at Capital One

    A designer turned developer, Ed has 15 years of hands-on development experience across a wide range of platforms. As a Tech Lead for a Capital One Android team, he mainly focuses his attention on the Android Platform and the many ins and outs it has to offer.

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  • More coming soon
Testing Track
  • Tom Belk
    Tom Belk
    Tech Lead at Capital One

    Tom is a Tech Lead working on Capital One Mobile for Android. Luckily he dodged a bullet by picking Android over Web OS back in 2009 (although he still uses his HP Touchpad). Previously Tom worked at Vanguard, building out API services and Android application features. In his free time, he likes to listen to podcasts, bust through board games, and travel his yard in search of Pokémon.

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  • More coming soon
  • More coming soon
  • More coming soon


Friday, August 26Multi-track conference

Saturday, August 27Hackathon

We’ll post the full schedule as soon as it’s set.

1680 Capital One Drive

McLean, VA 22102

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250 conference seats
100 hackathon seats

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